Affiliate Marketing -

Recommend Products, Make Money!

Whether you watch TV or surf the web, chances are you’ve bought a product through an affiliate. Affiliate marketing, makes up for around 70% of all products being sold. The late night infomercials, the product reviews, it’s all done through an affiliate or affiliates. 

So What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing involves earning money by recommending products for certain qualifying vendors. When you become a partner (affiliate) of a certain vendor, you can get links for whatever products the vendor sells. Your ID is embedded inside the link, which is inserted as a cookie to a potential customer’s browser. When and if the customer chooses to buy the product, the cookie is read from the vendor’s site and if your ID is present, i.e. you referred the sale, and then you are credited for that sale the amounts set out in the agreement. Affiliate marketing is both easy and hard! But to be successful, you have to build your brand as honest foremost. 

How Do I Make Money Selling Products?

From the beginning, it’s very easy to make a few sales, but maintaining consistency is another story. Sure a few have made great livings from affiliate marketing, a very few still have even become millionaires from it… But how well you fair depends on how much you’re willing to put in! 


Starting a basic affiliate based business is easy, what you’ll need is a website, some basic html and coding skills, a willingness to put in the time and effort and (optionally) a search engine marketing account, such as Bing ads. 


Next, you will need to find an affiliate network to sign up to, so that you can start selling products. But finding the right products to promote can be a little tricky, but it all (mostly) depends on how good you are with words. With the gift of the gab, you could sell anything, but for the rest of us, research is the best way to promote a product. You need to research keywords and the actual product. Hint though, promote what you best understand! Honesty, goes a long way too…

Auto Pilot Income?

Ever heard about auto pilot income? You’ve probably at some point read some hyped up advertisements claiming easy money on auto pilot. Well, this is true although not as easy as what’s made out! 


Auto pilot income, does not come easy without some hard work. But once the foundations are set out, money is earned easily on auto pilot. Here’s how it works:


Once you have established your affiliate business, you will want more time to do the ground work, such as create websites and write content; and you will want to spend less time organising the financial part of the business, such as manage advertising accounts billings, and manage affiliate accounts and so on. By having all your billing and payments, etc... Streamlined to one account, a lot of the work can be minimised. But getting the balance right does take some work. You want to make sure your advertisements aren’t costing you more than what you are making. You want to tweak and fine tune your ROIs.